Bridal Makeup

As we gently ease our way into some kind of new `normal` post Covid-19, there has been time to look over some of my previous work, brides I have had the pleasure to meet and be part of their perfect day and think about how I can make things just as good moving forward...maybe even better. I've stopped to think what an amazing privilege it is to be `the` makeup artist of choice for a bride to be. I am very much aware that you have a choice - a very good choice of artists keen to be the person you book with - and that's great!

Your wedding is exactly that - yours, and it is my job to listen to how you envisage your look on the day, what kind of theme you have chosen, who is part of your bridal party - the whole story ladies. Brides usually wish for simply the very best version of carpet ready, flawless and naturally glamourous. A good understanding of what a bride wants, a listening ear and a carefully selected kit full of luxury brands allows me to achieve the very best results.

Many brides will have had to reschedule their wedding days this year and move to 2021. This will have brought upset and uncertainty to so many. I am currently keeping up to date on all things hygiene and making sure I follow government guidelines regards new bookings where I can offer the very safest experience for myself and my clients.. I am here, looking forward so much to chatting with you about how I can make your day amazing.

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